We developed the first automation system in 1978. As part of this process, we decided to incorporate the emerging programmable machine Modicon 484 (PLC: Programmable Logic Controller) - electronic equipment designed for real-time use in industrial environments. Some years earlier, the physicist Richard Morley, known as the inventor of the programmable controller and creator of Modicon, had the simple yet brilliant idea of designing a programmable electronic machine specialising in automation.

Over recent years, after implementing many solutions, we still think that incorporating a PLC was a wise decision. This is because of continued inclusion in products, its international presence, standardisation of its languages EN 61131-3, and new developments that have become industry standards with strong implementation in all industrial and commercial sectors, which does NOT generate client-supplier dependence.

If we add the computer (PC) to the PLC with information and communication technologies (ICT), we are able to oversee information processing in new ways due to data input and output devices that operate with amazing speed and memories of virtually unlimited capacity. All of this integration, plus the array of concepts, acronyms and tools, is used to build the current basis of the CIM control systems.