We are specialist in factories engineering projects and equipment development with mixing processes. We design and develop creation projects for new factories and we also work for the optimization and improvement of existing plants.

Global project: efficiency in the result.

Tecnomix® is the complete solution from just one supplier. Our departments offer the necessary services for the project of the plant. From initial ideas and concept to the final installation service. The project extends from laboratory tests, specific equipment design, development of control software, data capture of production and documentation to the SAT and operators training.

Customer advice service.

Tecnomix® loffers advice and user-oriented services. Each project is planned with the client, who is actively involved in its development. Each product requires a production studio with unique specific process parameters. To this end, we develop solutions adapted to the particular needs of each client, achieving the design goals, implementation and working order of the factory.

Research and development: Quality assurance.

Tecnomix® always uses the most advanced design, calculation and execution techniques. The Department of Research and Development is continually updating our know-how. The Engineering Department establishes in each particular case the design criteria and proper execution: from the production needs, the diagrams flow of process and materials, the structural design, the control program for the automation of the plant, auxiliary equipment, etc.