The heart of the facilities

Tecnomix® mixers use cutting edge technical innovation, ensuring excellence in regard to quality, safety, cleaning and production.

The horizontal mixers with patented ALFA blades are designed to optimise the turbulent mixture at high speed, and are particularly suitable for difficult powdered products and very high quality mixtures.

The rotating cube vertical mixers are designed for thick and semi-dry products, which require specific mechanisms that provide shear force to components.

For liquid mixtures, solutions or reactors, Tecnomix® has efficient stirring tank systems that enable solid or liquid additions, heat input or cooling.

For brittle solids, rotating low speed belt mixers delivers the mixing requirements requested without damaging the product surface or causing breakage.

The advanced control systems that comprise the Tecnomix ® mixing facilities, enable the mixer operating criteria to be known and corrected automatically to obtain consistent high production uniformity.