Special mortars

Full facilities for the manufacture of special repair mortars, monolayers, waterproofing or leveling.

In Tecnomix ® have extensive experience in plants for high value-added mortars that incorporate large amounts of additives, pigments, fibers and thinners, all dosed gravimetrically in a fully automatic.

We have extensively tested unique solutions and increasing the efficiency, safety, traceability and product quality, the result of constant concern for the improvement and constant rethinking permeates us.

Our mixers (the heart of the system) equipped with the latest technological developments, the result of the continued efforts invested in R & D, which brings us unique and patented solutions that allow our machines to place in the forefront in terms of quality of the mix, energy efficiency and mechanical reliability.

Tecnomix ® mixers horizontal axis are designed for turbulent mixing regime with the exclusive patented high performance blades ALFA.